2014 5th International Conference on Environmental Science and Development (ICESD 2014)
19-21 February, 2014, Singapore

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Best Papers  

Plasma-assisted Titanium Dioxide Wrinkle Resistant Treatment of Cotton Fabric
Chi-wai KAN

Effect of Membrane Materials on Transport Kinetics of Cu(II) through Bulk Liquid Membrane
Siu Hua Chang, Ayub Md. Som and Jagannathan Krishnan

Redevelopment of Old Sludge Reservoirs
Kristof Verreydt, Dionys Van Gemert, Jules Houtmeyers and Johan Van Waelderen

Effect of Lead and g-Polyglutamic Acid Produced from Bacillus subtilis on Growth of Brassica chinensis L.
O. Chunhachart, N. Kotabin, N. Yadee, Y. Taharac and K. Issakul

Removal of phenol from water different types of carbon – A comparative analysis
Muataz Ali Atieh

Innovative Pesticide Kit Model for Vegetable Farm Safety Surveillance Program 
Lagsana Leuprasert, Sakornrat Monmora, Maneewan Puydecha, Robert S Chapman, Wattasit Siriwong and Surasak Taneepanichskul

Seasonal Weather Conditions Effect on Energy Consumption and CO2 Emission for Air Conditioning Systems Coupled with Enthalpy Energy Recovery Heat Exchanger 
Mohammad Shakir Nasifa and Rafat Al-Wakedb

Synthesis of Organic Push-Pull Compounds for the Sensitization of P-Type Oxides – Inverted Grätzel Solar Cells
R. Brisse


ICESD 2013

2013 4th International Conference on Environmental Science and Development (ICESD 2013)
19-20 January, 2013, Dubai, UAE

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Best Papers

The Impact of Humic Substances as Remediation Agents to the Speciation Forms of Metals in Soil 
J. Burlakovs, M. Kļaviņš, L. Osinska and O. Purmalis

Opportunistic and Microbial Pathogens in Municipal Water Distribution Systems
S. N. Al-Bahry, J. A. Al-Hinai, I. Y. Mahmoud, S. K. Al-Musharafi

Changes in Microbial Community Structure During Anaerobic Repeated-Batch Treatment of Cheese-Processing Wastewater 
Jaai Kim and Changsoo Lee

Isolation and characterization of biosurfactant/biopolymer producing spore forming bacteria from oil contaminated sites and oil field of Oman
S.N. Al-Bahry, A.E. Elshafie, Y.M. Al-Wahaibi, A.S. Al-Bemani, S. J. Joshi, A. Al-Lawati

Enhanced Copper (II) Removal from acidic Water By Granular Activated Carbon Impregnated with Carboxybenzotriazole 
Muna A. AbuDalo, Svetlana Nevostrueva and Mark T. Hernandez

Synthesis and Characterization of Cyclic β – (1, 2)- Glucan from Agrobacterium Tumefaciens
Geetha Venkatachelam and Mukesh Doble

Fungal Pleurotus ostreatus Biosorbent for Cadmium (II) Removal in Industrial Wastewater H. H. Liew, C. C. Tay, A. Abdullah-Suhaimi, and Suhaimi Abdul-Talib

Comparison of milling modes as a pretreatment method for cellulosic biofuel production Hyeon Jeong Kim, Jeong Ho Chang, Bong-Yong Jeong and Jin Hyung Lee

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